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armed. right? the history books will not be glorifying any of this. cities where mass murderers have taken lives are now household names, columbine, aurora and now newtown. our second amendment rights may be inked on the most important document this country has, its intention was not -- was to protect, not to hurt or kill innocent people. for all you gun lovers, i get it. i grew up in iowa, shot my first gun with my grandpa when i was 8 years old. i get it. i am saying it's time to talk about what makes us the gun culture that we are. jeff toobin is cnn legal analyst and christian am pan pour is also here, abc's global affairs anchor. this is rooted in the second amendment, jeff. you say it will be determined as much by politics as by law. is gun culture driving politics, politics driving gn culture? does it change? does the second amendment change from here? >> it sure does. the second amendment itself has not changed more than 200 years. but the interpretation of the second amendment has changed dramatically. for more than 100 years, the interpretation was that state militias, that
york city. listen. >> how in the world do you save for a house? >> how in the world do you save for a house? i'm going to ask amy and jack this. how much do you need to have a down payment for a house at this point? >> well, the good rule of thumb today is 20%, and you also have to have really good credit to be able to get some of these really low mortgage rates. so put the money aside over time, but, you know, as paul mentioned before, when you buy a house is your own personal financial situation. you have to be ready for that, and don't jump into it now because of these low prices and low mortgage rates. if you're simply not ready. it has to be the right time for you, and as we learned over the last decade, really bad things can happen when people jump into this too early. >> jack, what's the saving plan people need to have for putting the money aside? >> number one, how much will it cost you? look around when you plan to live and realize i freed to raise $25,000 for a down payment. two things. one, it's realistic. not going to do that by tomorrow. number two, you can have tha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2